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Uplift People's Life In Sri Lanka

What Noel Bruno Dawson, says that his dream was little and he supported poor and needy people 15 years before from his own pocket, but his intention is to support many more, from his guiding salary. Once I have created my own vision, with my dedication I were able get an employment with foreign travel agent as a local tour leader in Sri Lanka. I got many experience and able to support more when I were able to won the “Gold medal for the best tour guide in the world 2011” in UK & Bronze medal in 2010.

As I grew up in a small tea village, we didn’t had anything for us to have, where our parents worked hard to raise up with education. We are seven members in a family I were six in the family .I realize when I were young that I should support ,the needy and poorer, if I were got an opportunities ,by lucky that I had an opportunity to study at a catholic seminary and I were able to build up my education, unfortunately , I were not able to be a Roman Catholic priest ,but got an opportunity to work with foreign travel agent as a local leader, I really did well, for foreign travel agent 10 years I got vast experience, due to that I were able to start my own dream travel company “DISCOVER SRI LANKA WITH BRUNO”.

We have launched community services with my pocket, since 15 years before, and now is it our time to develop more and more opportunities to support poorer children to raise their education, Specially on girls where they will have to give dowry when they get marry custom in Sri Lanka, but it will not be possible for every parents to give dowry, where they are not able to do, since their income is very poor. So we have identify this situation since I came from same background, and we ‘’DISCOVER SRI LANKA WITH BRUNO”Wanted to create a new Era for these girls, that is the main reason we have started “BRUNO’S COMMUNITIES”

So, by giving many more booking throng “DISCOVER SRI LANKA WITH BRUNO’’ would be able to support more and more to the needy people with our income in the society where we come from

Opportunities to volunteering in Sri lanka in the Hills.

  • We have created opportunities in the hills to teach English for these students/ Youngsters who lack in English Language for the employment opportunities
  • If anybody talented with Arts, you too mostly welcome.
  • Helping the younger generation, to uplift the living standared whistle they study.
  • We have created self-employment opportunities for the locals.

Our final aim is in respect to this tourism is a social Service to the poor children of the plantation sectors. A portion of the Profit incurred by us will be utilized for higher education of the children hailing from tea estate.

Beneficiaries from our community:

  • Miss. T.Ilakiya- Arts Faculty of Peradeniya University.
  • Miss. T.Kavitha – Arts Faculty of Eastern University.
  • Miss. N.Sudharshini – Sabragamuwa University.
  • Miss. K.P.A. Kavindi (Ha/Iththademaliya Maha Vidyalaya)
  • Miss. Yathika (BD.Haputale Tamil center college)
  • Mr. Chamintha Roshan Jayasuriya past student at Sabragamuwa University who had been graduated in business manegement
  • Mr.Nuwan Chanoth (St.Joshap college Bandarawela)
  • Selected Needy schools in uva province, supplied school exercise books.
  • Donated 365 pair of socks worth of 65000 LKR/ At proximited(500 USD)
  • We have Supported to school with the facilities of equipments(sound systems) and each on development to the rural school worth of (350000 LKR/USD 2715)
  • Pre school uniform worth of 200000LKR(USD 1550) more then 300 students benifited.
  • Medical facilities like provided EYE contact lense” spectales and cash for the prescription.
  • In sports we have upliffed the telened sportsmanship, like cricket, vollyball and trained them.ect
  • Our Support enhanced religious places as well, Churches, Buddhist, Hindues

We assure that by helping in getting our business , through this we could be able to create, a social welfare and the locals people are really going to be benefited. Much appreciated by booking through Discover Sri Lanka with Bruno and you become part of social net work community in our hearts, The poorest tears will be wiped out by helping us.

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